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When we rate and list the hosting providers you find on this site, we are careful to choose for you the best web hosting providers in the market. We combine both user reviews and editor reviews based on real users and specialists who are professionals in this industry. The editors who are knowledgeable in this field have first-hand experiences to be able to give fair ratings to providers. This is done in a transparent manner and we consider it important to let you know what we look at while doing this.
The following are the factors we consider when reviewing and rating hosting providers in order to give our customers the best service-:

Statistics count

We are determined to help our customers choose the best web hosts by all means. In order to do this, we use a lot of statistics to determine whether the hosting provider is performing as expected. We utilize this information to gauge if a web host is providing clients with the best service as stipulated. If at all we notice that the host is falling short of delivering quality hosting to you as their client or anyone else in that matter, then we do not list them here at all.

Continuous check-ups

The statistics mentioned above helps us identify top-class web hosts that offer high-quality services. However, this is not enough. We conduct continuous check-ups of the providers to ensure that the service they provide is constantly sufficient. Your website is important and it needs to be up and running as expected 24/7/365 except during maintenance and this should be within reasonable time. On the overall, the hosting service provided should be fair and there is a limit to this.

We pause as secret shoppers

What we do is to pause as secret shoppers of the webhosting service to know what users are getting. We conduct tests by pretending to be real customers looking for webhosting services. We use the services and get first-hand experiences of how the web hosts act towards customers. Some of them can promise one thing and deliver the other, so it is important to use their services ourselves before we rate them.

We monitor the uptime

Uptime is one of the most important factors in hosting for all webmasters. Although no web host can guarantee 100% uptime due to unavoidable circumstances, they should not be far from it. We monitor each web host’s uptime to see that it is what they claim to offer. Only when we are satisfied with the uptime guarantee with minimal downtimes offered by web hosts to their customers, do we rate and list them on our website. So, you can rely on our word.

We strive for the best

We seek the best hosting providers we can get. This may not be the largest or what is advertised or known as the best. We rate the hosting providers that provide the best services to their clients, that meet their needs. In our list we include popular web hosts as well as smaller ones which may not have made a mark in the industry due to their size as long as the service they offer their customers is high-quality and the best in the market regardless of their size.

Efficient customer support

The score we give the hosting provider also depends on our experience with the support team when we pause as secret shoppers. What we gauge is the response time, whether support is friendly and knowledgeable as well as how they handle issues that arise. This adds the score we give the hosting provider and the reverse is also true. So, the support team can add the score for their company or drag it down.

Latest Technology

Web hosting providers should have the latest hardware, tools and features to meets their customers’ needs. When the service matches your needs whether in terms of technology, features, prices software updates or any other factor, then you have value for your money.

Your Opinion is Important

When we rate hosts we take into consideration user reviews. Give us your opinion and we will look into it before rating. When an issue is raised by several of our visitors we look into it before we publish our ratings. Your voice matters a lot.

Your Needs Matter

Our main objective is to ensure that you get the best hosting service. We leave nothing out when we are considering the hosting service providers. This is to ensure that we help you choose the best service for your needs. When your needs are fulfilled we feel equally satisfied.
It is our hope that by using the information we have provided on this website you will find a web host service that matches your needs. Write your comment below and let us know if you find the content we have provided in this website, useful.

Your Thoughts are Important

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