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College Financing can be funded with a Scholarship and this is the best way to fund education for those who are eligible. A scholarship is free money given to a talented student to further his/her studies. This money is not paid back. The student can check with the college to know which scholarships are available. The internet is also a good resource. Many websites offer online application. The parents and students can browse the internet in their area of interest.

Federal Scholarship in form of grants is need-based. The student has to demonstrate financial need and meet the requirements in order to qualify. These include Pell Grant, SMART Grant and TEACH Grant.

Academic and Merit Scholarship is based on academic performance and talent. The students are required to excel academically and meet other requirements like leadership potential and be active in extra-curricular activities. The students who are brilliant have the best chance. They may have passed with high grade scores from high school which makes them eligible. It is also available to college and university students who scores high average grades. To continue receiving this free money the student has to maintain satisfactory academic grades. These students do not have to be in financial need any student who excels academically can qualify.

Individual Scholarship is given to a student who has entered into certain programs which include the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, Health Care and Nursing programs. They are available for those in medicine/dentistry, disabled, women, veterans, disadvantaged communities and international students.
Athletic Scholarship is earned by the potential student. Universities budget to pay for education for talented athletes to boost their athletics. Some of them have a long history of certain sports which they wish to uphold. These include basketball, football, tennis, golf, hockey, swimming/diving, women volleyball, cross-country, Track and other sports. A talented student who is determined and ready to work hard has a chance of becoming a professional. In these colleges and universities the students are expected to excel both in academics and sports fulfilling their sports and academic ambitions. Coaches send recruitment letters to attract the talented athletes into their teams or students can apply online. Other colleges who are interested in sports take athletes to study but may not be very particular as long as they excel in academics. The best scholarships can offer 100% funding. 

Music and Fine Art students may qualify for scholarships.

Other Scholarships are given to students by religious groups and church organizations. There are others given by local civic community groups.
Private companies, foundations, Associations, corporations and private organizations offer financial aid to students. These include student’s employer and those who serve in national service programs. Private and corporate sponsors fund students who meet certain requirements who may be children of their employees, or have careers which the sponsor has an interest in.

International scholarships are available for students in exchange programs and those from developing countries or for those who wish to pursue certain careers.

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