Find The Best Credit Card Deals

Find The Best Credit Card Deals
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The best credit card deals offer you real value for your money and special rewards and service even after the special promotions are over.
Banks target customers depending on what they want to achieve. When capital is tight, banks mainly offer small business credit cards and charge cards for short-term use. When capital is excess, the banks offer balance transfer deals and low APRs offers. Customers respond accordingly taking advantage of the special promotions from time to time. Cardholders switch banks during the seasonal special promotions which are tied to certain sporting events and entertainment which are sponsored by credit card companies.

Balance transfer offers

After the holidays and during the tax season most cardholders are attracted to balance transfer offers to reduce the finance charges by compiling multiple payments into one credit card. This saves them interest when they choose zero percent balance transfer cards or low-interest transfer cards. You will benefit from a zero percent transfer deal if you plan to pay-off or reduce the balance within the promotional period. Check the transfer fees applicable and weigh the benefits against the costs. If you intend to carry on a large balance after the promotional period, then a low-interest balance transfer card will be the right one for you.  
Category credit cards

Grocery stores, restaurants, airlines and supermarkets have their own class of customers who have certain spending patterns. Cash back credit cards are appealing to customers who cash-in on them. Get a credit card which offers you the best rewards on your regular spending category. Maximize the rewards on any big purchases you have planned to make in the near future.  

Sports and Entertainment credit card promotions

Credit card companies use sport events and entertainment to attract customers to sign-up in large numbers. There are credit cards which offer their Members privileges such as choice of preferred seats, VIP Packages and pre-sale tickets to attend special sporting events and entertainment concerts and film festivals either nationally or worldwide, before the tickets are offered to the general public. Some companies target fans during the promotion period to attract new customers to sign-up for new credit cards.

Lifestyle credit card promotions

Credit card companies tap people's lifestyles by offering them attractive perks which include free meals, free flights and other treats. The free restaurant meals are offered to new cardholders as a sign-up bonus. Airline credit cards offer free flights and round trips in addition to redeeming reward points on hotels and car rentals while new cardholders with bonus points can redeem the points to book free room nights from their hotel accounts. Certain cards have 24/7 Concierge services which you can use to book flights, hotels, car rentals and enquire about directions among other things. 

Promotions change depending on the season and the competition in the market. You should take advantage of signup bonuses and rewards when you spot them because the offers may not last for long. We have listed the best credit card deals which are available now and we keep updating the information from time to time. Use the tables we have provided to search the best credit card deals on offer and choose the one that is suitable for you and your family.

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