Find the Best Points or Air Miles Credit Card-Best Travel Rewards

Find the Best Points or Air Miles Credit Card-Best Travel Rewards
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Credit Cards for Frequent Travelers

For many decades, frequent fliers have benefited from credit cards which offer loyalty programs to their customers. The bonus points and air miles on expensive business class air flights have attracted consumers who remain loyal to their regular airlines. The credit cards also offer special privileges which include VIP Packages, access to airport lounge, Concierge services and redeemable points on airfares, hotel rooms and car rentals to their loyal customers.

In order to compete with the expensive business class airlines, discount carriers try to allure consumers by offering cheaper fares and fast cash back rewards and rebates. The traditional airlines offer thousand of reward bonus miles and 0% interest rate credit cards in their special promotions for customers who sign up. These customers enjoy free round trips when they earn enough bonus miles within a few months after the signup.

Points and Miles Credit Cards

To attract more fliers, banks offer points and air miles rewards allowing fliers to redeem the rewards with any airline they fly on. They also allow customers to stay in any hotel of their choice. This is a flexible program and fliers do not have to stick with a single carrier or hotel but can change them as they wish. This is very appealing and in addition, some banks allow customers to apply points on upcoming fare purchases and previous fare purchases which are eligible.

Travel Credit Card Incentives

There are online travel booking agencies which offer great discounts on airfares and hotels booked with them. These companies have a business relationship with airlines and hotels which offer them large discounts due to bulk purchasing. You will get discount if you consolidate your airfare, hotels and car rentals and book with them. The best travel credit cards offer rebates similar to discounts earned when you book using these discount online travel booking agencies. You also earn rewards which are regularly reported by credit card bureaus adding points to your credit rating.

As a traveler, you have a choice of either cash back rewards or air miles saving you considerable amounts of money. You can save substantially by booking cheaper airfares and hotels at discounted rates from online booking sites or you can earn cash back rewards and air miles using the various travel credit cards. You will benefit greatly if you save the rewards for your packaged vacation or an expensive trip. Take advantage of seasonal promotions which offer rewards on airfares, hotels and car rentals.

Cash Back Rewards and Airline Credit Cards

There are many reward programs and you should choose the best that suits you. You can use the cash back credit cards and maximize your rewards to go for vacation or you may opt for travel credit cards which earn air miles and points so you can enjoy free round trips. You will sae considerable amounts of money and you will redeem your reward points for free airline tickets, hotel stays, dining, train, taxi, car rentals, entertainment, purchases and perks. Some card companies offer attractive seasonal bonuses and rewards.
Use the tables to compare different credit cards and choose the best that suits your needs. You will earn reward points which you can convert to free flights and free hotel stays or get cash back rebates depending on your personal or business goals.

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