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Electronic commerce has become a very important part of business today. Some of the online companies have emerged as a result of internet access including web design and hosting, blogs and online stores. Other companies were in existence before the internet and have been converted to online businesses.

A merchant buys and sell to make a profit. Today merchants have advanced to online buying and selling, marketing, delivery, payments, inventory management and communication. The internet has changed the way business is done. A customer can shop for goods and services online at the comfort of his home or office with just a click of the mouse. Many businesses have websites which the customer can browse and view what is offered and compare with other website stores. Business has become easier now than ever due to ecommerce because people can shop online using credit cards and debit cards. This is the fastest and most convenient way to buy and sell. Individuals, retail outlets, supermarkets, hotels &restaurants, online stores etc. have adopted ecommerce.

Businesses need to adopt ecommerce in order to compete in the market today. Web developers and designers create websites for any taste and preference including shopping carts. When a customer visits a website and reviews what is offered then decides to buy the item, he chooses the item from the online display. The website will show a 'buy' or 'put in cart' button or use different instructions. The customer presses the button as indicated. The item is added to the shopping cart and the customer can keep adding other items as desired.

Many types of businesses accept payments by credit cards and debit cards. Debit cards are pre-paid and processing charges are lower than for credit cards. The features in these websites are flexible and easy to use. The merchants work with the developers and designers to get the features they want included. There are unlimited flexible designs and the clients have complete control of what they want to be included. There is a wide range of products and services displayed in color and photographs. Prices, contacts, a shopping cart, benefits, explanations, reviews and payment options are also included.
Most people use credit cards to pay for goods and services anywhere anytime as long as there is internet connection. The credit cards are used for online payments, smartphones and manual payments. The convenience of ecommerce has encouraged people to buy more and more and this has increased sales to very high levels. Ecommerce has brought business growth to unimaginable levels. Companies, corporations and government agencies are paying their suppliers with ecommerce because it is fast and convenient although more costly.

Sales of ecommerce type of businesses increase almost instantly. Customers buy more of what is offered and repeated business is assured because they buy more often. This also encourages impulse buying and the cash flow increases making more money available because it is deposited in the merchant account within the shortest time. Ecommerce helps businesses to be competitive.

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