Self Motivation

Self Motivation
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Self motivation is essential if you want to excel in life and live a fulfilled life. Many people live below their potential and drag themselves through life without enthusiasm. They have goals that they do not achieve and they become discouraged. They need to unlock their potential. Self-motivated people achieve their goals and enjoy their achievements. They are self-assured, have high self-esteem and self confidence. They strive to be happy because people who are happy are easily motivated. They have the spark that ignites them forward towards fulfilling their goals.

If you are self-assured you believe in yourself and in what you can do. You believe you have the ability to succeed and you believe you will be able to achieve the goals you have set. You have high self-esteem and self-confidence which makes you put enough effort to achieve your goals. You believe you will achieve them despite the challenges.
Self motivation is that inward self-drive that keeps your spirits high even when you are faced with difficulties. It is moving on regardless of the situation. Keep that spark that gets you going. All of us face difficulties and obstacles that make us discouraged.
You need to have a positive attitude and look at the bright side of life. Positive thinking is very important in self-motivation. When things don’t go as planned stay positive and look at the positive future ahead and you will re-energize. Keep company of the people who are positive and motivated and get a mentor to sharpen your skills. Keep learning, read a book or go back to school for self-improvement.
Have a cause which you care about which inspires you to do the best that you can, whether it is a college degree, owning a home or going for vacation. You must be focused so you know the direction you are taking. Set goals which are clear, realistic, measurable and achievable but challenging. If you want something and you want it bad enough then that is a big dream. Make goals for your future and write them down and the reward you will get when you achieve them. Read them every morning and evening. If it is physical hang the dream where you can see it many times. Having a dream is not enough you need a big dream that will make you shoot up from your comfort zone. It should inspire you and activate your inner energies towards achievement.

The dream should be good enough to make you overcome the obstacles you will face. The difference between success and failure, achievers and non-achievers, winners and losers, is that when they are faced with obstacles some stay on while others quit. Those who quit believe it is impossible to fulfill their dreams. The self-motivated don’t quit when faced with difficulties they take courage and move on looking for solutions. When they make mistakes they remain positive and learn from these mistakes taking one step at a time until they reach self-actualization.

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