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Stock Screening
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When someone is investing in stocks they are interested in stocks that meet their specific criteria. It would therefore be easy for them to invest and build their portfolio by using this particular filter. This has been made easy by utilizing online stock screening software which is free. If you want more filtered stock screening you will need to pay for it but it is worth it. The decision you will reach and the rewards you will gain when you invest wisely outweigh any software cost.
Leverage is important when you are investing. Trading has moved to high levels where you can earn huge profits by investing in the right investment vehicle if you know how to invest. Option analysis will assist you to choose the best option and exercise it at the right time.

There are various criteria which you can use when you are stock screening for best results. These include-:

- Industry type
- Profitability
- Sales Revenue
- Volume
- Market Cap.
- Share price
- Dividend Yield
- Price/Earnings Ratio
- Price/Sales Ratio
- Volatility
- Earnings per share

Stock screening helps you to view shares in a particular industry and you can screen all or different stock exchanges which you are interested in. You can vary from one filter to another and vary the details from the minimum to the maximum range in which you intend to choose from. When you get a wide range of information you can filter the information further until you get what you want. The free software may limit your filters but the complex ones which you buy or subscribe are limitless.

The stock screening software can filter stocks using charts and graphs. You can also set indicators of each stock to see the different opportunities in all stock exchanges or in one stock exchange depending on your interests. You can insert indicators to the stocks to see the patterns and use variables on the indicators to help you make investment and trading decisions. You can check each indicator using daily, weekly and monthly charts and graphs. You can use prices, price changes, moving averages, volume and others. There are many trading opportunities which you will discover as you screen the stocks either in the local market or in international markets.

Stock screening will help you identify the most profitable stocks by analyzing the historical data and simulating that information into the future to know what is likely to happen to those shares. The graphs will give a prediction of the returns expected in the future and this will guide the investor to know how much to expect from each type of stock. This will help you make informed investment decisions gaining from trading in all market conditions whether the stocks are rising in price, still or when the prices are falling. Depending on which filters you use you will be able to diversify your portfolio to earn dividends, capital gains and other profits almost throughout.

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