How To Save Money On Baby Stuff

How To Save Money On Baby Stuff
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A baby is a bundle of joy to the parents and the family as a whole. The baby is a lovely addition to the family and should be planned for in advance. If you want to save money on baby stuff follow the following tips and you will have peace of mind and enjoy your parenthood.


Babies are expensive so you need to plan early enough. Make a budget and a 'to buy' list of essential items and carry the list when you go shopping. Personalize your list to what you require clothes, diapers, wipes, car seat if you have a car, a changing table crib and beddings. You might need a baby carrier to carry the baby when you are doing chores and when going to the mall and what else you know you cannot do without. Parents learn to make wipes at home or use cloth reusable wipes. Cloth diapers can trim your spending and save money.

Buy only what you need.

Some parents are excited about the baby and end up buying some things they do not need. There are many baby items to choose from-diapers, wipes, baby clothes and outfits, toys, baby products, baby formula and bottles, the list can be endless. You have to choose what you need and leave out what you can do without. Babies grow very fast and they outgrow clothes which they may have worn only a few times.

Sales promotions and special offers.

Sales bargains, special offers, sales promotions and discounts, free coupons come in handy. You can get free baby stuff or buy at very low prices when you register for these offers. The savings may not be much per unit but can result to huge savings in the long-run.

Buy in bulk and stock.

Buy diapers and wipes in bulk because you will save money for each unit. There are many promotional sales where you buy cheaply in bulk or you can get free diapers and wipes for free. Register for online baby promotions or visit the ones that come to your area. Buy store brands for powdered baby foods, diapers and wipes when they are on sale and stock them. Compare online prices and buy in bulk to save on shipping.

Buy used items.

There are many hand-me-downs which you can rent or borrow. Buy from consignment stores, thrift shops, online stores or garage sales. You will find used changing table, toys, walkers, high-chairs, nursery room decor and swings. These will cost you a fraction of the price. As a safety precaution some parents do not like the idea of used car seats because they can be faulty due to previous accidents. Buy a new car seat to avoid a risky secondhand one.

Borrow Baby items.

Borrow free stuff from friends and family whose babies have outgrown the items such as baby clothes and outfits. Borrow toys and cribs. Some may be gathering dust in your family or friends garages and they will be glad to give them to you for free. Some items like cribs are passed over from past generations in certain families.

Free samples and coupons.

Manufactures and stores give away brand baby products and samples for free, hoping to attract and retain mothers as their customers in the future. They know that babies bring business because they will require a lot of baby stuff as they grow. Ask family and friends to cut-out coupons for you. Family and friends will be willing to cut coupons for you from magazines and newspapers. There are online mommy coupon traders which you can check. You can also register your email in the store in your area and the company's website so they will send you notifications of sales and promotions.

Baby Showers.

Buy baby clothes and blankets after baby showers because your family and friends may bring you plenty of this baby stuff as gifts to welcome the baby.

Avoid impulse buying.

Do not buy things you don't immediately need such as formula, cereals, bottles, high-chairs and slings. These can be bought as need arises. Mothers who breast-feed their babies do not require formula and bottles immediately. Diapers for new-born babies can be bought as they are required because babies outgrow them fast.

Test before buying. 

Test some items in the stores before you buy like baby slings and carriers because the baby may not even like them. Wait until you visit the store with the baby and you can buy what suits you and the baby. Ask friends about their experiences with some items like high-chairs, strollers and swings. Take their advice but leave room for your own choices. There is a lot of commercialization of what the baby needs. Stick to what you believe is important.

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