How To Save Money On Cable and Internet

How To Save Money On Cable and Internet
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The cable TV bills have been high with some people paying more than $1,000 each year. There are many ways you can save money on cable and internet. You can watch many over-the air channels for free if you live in the city by buying and fixing an indoor or outdoor antenna which is easy to fix. This is free TV and it is the easiest way to do away with the cable bills. You can watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox and other free channels. AT&T rooftop antenna provides free viewing of channels without paying for them. There are a few of these channels in the rural areas and you should check what is available in your location.

There are free shows, movies and music which you can download your favorite TV shows and clips from a favorite of many viewers who love to watch ads, Amazon, You Tube, Apple iTunes and many more if you have an internet connection. This is a free service you can use which costs you nothing as long as you have fast internet connection. The people with iPad, iPhones and iPods know the convenience of watching movies and listening to their favorite music from Apple iTunes wherever they maybe whether at home, on-the-go, gym or at work.

There has been stiff competition between cable and internet providers which has been good for the customers who can now enjoy lower rates than the monthly bills they have been paying. There are different websites which you can browse to check the services and rates offered by AT&T, Comcast cable communications, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and many others depending on your location. You should compare rates from providers side by side and pick the best deal.

These cable and internet providers bundle TV, high speed internet and home telephone service in one package which is cheaper than paying for the services separately. You can talk on your phone as you surf the internet or as you watch TV. Take advantage of these packages and special offers and you will save significantly. The same company can offer different rates and you can choose the best rate that serves your purpose.

If you want to save money reduce the number of channels you subscribe most of which you may never watch. You should call your cable and internet provider and request for a discount or just subscribe for the basic package option. You can ask for a reduction in price and tell them you are trying to reduce your expenses and if they don’t lower you will move to another company. Find out what other competing companies are charging and negotiate with your provider for bargains. Ask for a discount and quote the rates the other companies are charging or what your provider is offering new customers. You will be surprised at the reduction they will offer you by just making a call. Do not threaten them only state your case and they will help. If your provider does not lower rates move to a cheaper service provider and they are there, you only need to look around for the best deal.

If you want to watch a movie you should consider other available options. Visit your local library and borrow DVDs for free. Many libraries have a wide variety of popular TV series and movies on DVDs. You can also rent DVDs for minimal amounts from Netflix and Redbox among others. Share movies and watch them together with friends who can also bring their own. If you are a member of Netflix you and your family will be able to watch free unlimited streaming TV shows and movies. Amazon Video-on-Demand has thousands of movies and TV shows which you can download at a fee.

Video rental services like Netflix give you an opportunity to watch unlimited movies and TV channels by charging a flat rate on their DVDs.  You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies either on your computer or by connecting your PC to the TV. You will need fast speed internet connection to download the streaming movies. You can rent DVDs at a fair price and play your favorite games on many websites.

Share high-speed internet with someone else like your neighbors especially if you live in an apartment if your service provider allows such an arrangement. This can reduce your bill to half or a third of the charges. Use Smartphone internet connection or watch movies on an iPad or connect to a USB modem to trim the bills.

You can watch Entertainment and Sports Programming Network ESPN online for free. Instead of paying per-view fees for sports which can be expensive, watch your favorite sports on this channel free.

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