How To Save Money On Ink

How To Save Money On Ink
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Printer ink is expensive especially if you print several documents regularly. Before you buy a printer check the cost of ink refills. You may buy a cheap printer which will cost you a hefty amount of money in ink cartridges. It is better to buy an expensive printer and save on ink if you will print a lot on a regular basis. However, there are many tips you can follow to save money on ink, regardless what type of printer you have.

Buy Online

Buying ink online is cheaper than other options. You can get good deals on online sales and promotions where prices are greatly discounted. Some websites even offer free shipping. Take advantage of the coupons and you will save a lot of money.

Adjust font

Change the font to the font that uses minimal ink. Times Roman, Century Gothic and Calibri are good ones. Reduce the size of font also before pressing the print button. Download the font with holes in it like Ecofont or gentium so you can save more ink.


When the printer runs out of ink do not order a new cartridge from the supplier immediately. Save on ink by buying an ink refill kit and refill the used cartridge yourself. Follow the instructions on the ink refill kit. Remove the printer ink cartridges which you want to refill. Fill the syringe provided to the recommended level and refill the cartridge as instructed. Fix the cartridge back into the printer and you have saved money which you would have bought a new ink cartridge. The technicians from your local office supply store will also help if you do not want to do it yourself.

Buy remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges

You can buy remanufactured ink cartridges at cheaper prices almost at half the price of original ones. Use generic ink cartridges especially when you print in bulk. This will save you a substantial amount of money.

Sell recycled ink cartridges.

Sell the used cartridges to your office supply store or eBay and you will get credits or cash-back.

Save documents

You can 'print' the documents in PDF for future reference instead of printing them. Send them by email and save ink. Save the rest and send them to recipients when need arises by using email. Scan documents instead of printing. 

Print only what is essential

The allows you to print only the portions you want leaving out the rest. Print preview the work before printing and highlight the most essential parts which have to be printed as a hard copy. The is very useful because it allows you to leave out unnecessary portions like advertisements and graphics especially when you are printing from the internet. Adjust the settings so you can reduce the images or the information you wish to print.

Draft mode

Print in draft form which saves substantial amount of ink instead of high quality. Choose draft option/economy mode as the default setting before printing and save ink. Many people will not notice the difference. Print very important documents in high quality.

Avoid ink drying

Switch on the printer when you are ready to print and turn it off the manually and ensure that the print strips are where they are supposed to be so the ink will not dry-off. Print something every week so the ink cartridges do not dry. Ink-jet printer waste a lot of ink when they clean-up when electricity is switched on. Keep the power on. You will save more on ink than what the electricity will cost you.

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