How To Save Money On School Supplies

How To Save Money On School Supplies
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Back-to-school is one of the times parents rush to buy school supplies for their children and have to limit spending to fit their budgets. There are many things which we can buy our school children if we had the money. Unfortunately we may not have enough money to buy our kids all those school items they think they cannot do without. Back-to-school shopping can strain our budget but school supplies do not need to be expensive. There are many options which are available for you and your kids which will not strain the family budget. Look for these opportunities to save money on school supplies.


Before you go shopping make a list of what you need and budget the amount needed. There are many items that your child will ask for but many of them might be available in your house. Used rulers, calculators, scissors, lunch-boxes, pencil cases, clipboards, water bottles and backpacks which are in good condition can still be used until they need to be replaced. Sort them out at the end of the year and keep them away until the following year.

Bargains and Special offers

You can shop around for bargains and special offers in the office supply store or supermarket that is closest to your home. It may not be economical to use gas to shop for bargains far away. 

Buy essentials

Buy the essentials and avoid the urge to overspend on items not on the list. Stick to the budget. If your child insists on buying extra items let him/her use their savings to pay for them. Your child can also pay the extra price of fancy items which may add the bill beyond what you had budgeted.

Buy Quality

Even if you want to save on school supplies, do not compromise quality for a cheaper price it may lead you to the shop over and over again to replenish the supplies. Go for quality and durable items which will last for long. In the long-term you will have saved money and less hassles.

Buy second-hand

You can buy second hand school supplies from consignment shops and garage sales. Most of the items will be in good condition such as backpacks but you have to be ready to check through the items carefully.
End-of-School-Season and Clearance Sales. There are many school supplies on sale at the end of the school season and clearance sales in many stores. You can buy pens, pencils, crayons, glue, paper, notebooks and other items at cheaper prices almost at half-price. Many people browse the internet to compare school supplies. Do this and save. Compare the online prices and buy from the cheapest supplier.


Many states have tax free weekends when supplies are sold at a discount because of the waived tax. Buy in bulk whenever you can because it will save you money when the supplies run-out. Some states offer tax breaks for certain items which cost a fraction of their original price. Buy as much as you can and store for later use.

Buy in Bulk

Buy pencils, erasers, pens, paper in lots and keep these items in the house. You can predict what your child might require in the following year or check with local office supply stores for your child's school requirements and buy early but not too early. Keep the receipts safely in case you might need to change some of the items. You can also buy a few items at the beginning of the term and shop later when most of the prices will be marked down after the school rush week.

Free Business items

Give your child those free high quality business pencils, biros, highlighters and notebooks which you may have in your drawer which you may have been given when you attended conferences and seminars. Keep what you need to use.

Save some money for unexpected expenses. There are certain items which might need to be bought or rented and it is wise to set money aside for such expenses otherwise you will need to borrow money at an interest. Save the money somewhere where you will access it easily when need arises.

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