How To Save Money On Water

How To Save Money On Water
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Water is life and one of nature's best resources and we cannot do without it. We depend on it every day.  Since we need it all the time we have to conserve it for ourselves and the future generations by using less. We should reduce water usage and as a result reduce bills to manageable levels.

Save water in the bathroom

Use a shower instead of a bath-tub. Install the low-flow shower heads and you will save more than half the water you use especially if you take shorter 4-5-minute showers with the 2.5gpm low-flow shower head and use only 10 to 12.5 gallons of water compared to an average of 35 to 40 gallons of water for usual baths. When you are lathing, brushing your teeth or shaving turn-off the water and turn it on when you need to rinse.


Do not save the water alone work as a family. Explain to your children what you are trying to do and make them understand why it is so important to you and to them. They will join you as a team and this will be effective when you all work together. Reward them when they save the water to encourage these habits even when you are away. 

Full load

Wash dishes and clothes by hand when they are not many. When you use a dishwasher and a clothes washer, wash a full load to save water. When you need a new washer or dishwasher, buy water and energy-efficiency models. There are incentives to those who buy ENERGY STAR models. 

Aerator faucets

Install aerator faucets in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. New faucets have been installed with aerators which are 2.2gpm for kitchen sinks and 1.5 to 0.5gpm for bathroom faucets. These low-flow faucets conserve water efficiently. Install low-flow showerheads with 2.5gpm and this will lower water usage. You should take shorter showers and fewer showers.

Repair Leakages

Faucets, toilets and pipes leak and this can drain away a lot of water. If you notice any leakage even when it is minor, fix it as soon as possible. Every drop counts. Tighten the seals and replace what needs to be replaced. A small leak can waste a lot of water in a day, a month or a year. Do not ignore even the minimal waste because it can add to thousands of gallons wasted in a year.

Use rain water

You can store rain water in containers outside to water the garden. Recycle used water and drain it to the garden instead of draining it in the sewage. Use the sink water to water the plants. It is better to water the plants in the mornings and evenings when they will retain the water. If you water during the day the plants will lose the water when it evaporates. The lawn can wait for the rains. Avoid watering it however dry it may be. Let nature do its work and wait for the rains.

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