How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers
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Wedding are beautiful especially when they are decorated with flowers. When flowers are matched with the wedding colors they look awesome. A wedding is a special moment when the bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids and parents want to look their best. However weddings are expensive and people always look for ways they can save on their spending. There are many things you can do to save on wedding flowers without compromising the beauty.

Xmas and Easter Holidays.

You can plan your wedding on or immediately after Xmas day or Easter holiday when the church is fully decorated for free. This way you will not spend any money on flowers for the church ceremony and no one will notice. This will also be a memorable time especially because family members and friends you have invited for the wedding will be around for the holidays. Move away from February the most expensive flower month in the year because of Valentine's Day.

Buy in-season flowers.

Choose wedding flowers that are in season and those grown in your local area because they will be plenty and inexpensive. Look for less expensive similar alternative flowers which will still look wonderful when arranged. Some flowers match well with others and when they are combined in different flower arrangements they look awesome. But if you love a certain type of flower and you cannot get your heart off it, you can arrange your wedding when it is in season. After all it is your big day and you want it to be your special day.

Shop around.

Shop around for the florist because their prices range considerably. Discuss the type of flowers you love, the ones you hate and the color schemes of your choice with the florist. They will be able to advise you. Enter into a written agreement with the florist so he/she will be able to stick to your choice although you need to give them some flexibility to add their creativity. They will be able to advise you about the cheapest flowers and they will use their imagination to create beautiful flower arrangements without looking cheap. Give the florist your budget limits and state clearly how much money you are willing to spend on the wedding flowers and work within these limits.


Many brides have realized that preparing the wedding bouquets are one of the ways to save money. They also prefer decorating the church with help from family and friends. Some friends may donate flowers while other people who grow flowers may love the idea of displaying the flowers they grow for all to see. This way they may gain potential customers and receive orders in the future. 

Buy Online.

You can order wedding flowers online from the internet suppliers. These prices are cheaper than those offered by florists. However, flowers cannot be arranged in advance and they take away precious time when you are supposed to be relaxing for the big day. Unless you really want to arrange the flowers yourself, let someone else do it because it will also involve trimming, cleaning, watering and arranging them when you may not have the time to do it.

Potted plant flowers.

Use potted plant flowers to grace the venue or hold the wedding in a flower garden or park. 

Share the cost.

Share flower costs with another bride who may have a wedding in the same venue just before yours or immediately after your wedding. You can also pick flowers from your garden, your mother's garden or from friends for free.

Use carnations.

Carnations are the cheapest flowers all year round and they are available almost throughout the year. You can bunch the flowers to make bouquets and add ribbons as you wish. Be creative and arrange centerpieces using your own creations. You will be surprised at how these flowers look with a little bit of imagination and creativity. Use carnations for the church altar and for large arrangements. You can bunch a lot of these flowers together as the main flowers and you will save a lot of money since they are cheap and affordable.

Buy wholesale.

Buy the flowers at wholesale prices from the florist, the flower market or from online wholesale suppliers. Choose and order the flowers in advance so you can negotiate the prices.

Use greenery.

When you arrange large arrangements and centerpieces use as much greenery as possible. This will make the flowers look fresh and natural even from far. Add candles and ribbons to the arrangements especially the centerpiece. Match the flowers with your color scheme and use decorative vases to make the arrangements look amazing.

Use Silk alternatives.

Silk flowers sold in craft shops are less expensive and they can be arranged in advance saving you money and time.

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