How To Save Money On Xmas

How To Save Money On Xmas
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Christmas season is one of the most expensive times of the year when we want to share the good moments with our family and friends. Many people find themselves overspending at this time when the festivities are commercialized and a lot of things need to be done with limited resources. What you need are smarter decisions which will make you enjoy the season’s festivities with special people in your life as you save money on Xmas.

Narrow down your list.

Saving on Christmas starts by narrowing down the list of family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues that you want to include in your plans. Buy gifts and cards for the most important people in your life. Some people buy gifts for kids only, others exchange gifts by buying only one gift for a family member, friend or work colleague so each one receives a gift.


Christmas for sure will come every year and when you plan for it early enough, it will be a joyful time for you and your loved ones. Put up a plan at the beginning of the year and see how much you will require. Divide this amount per month and see how much you will need to keep away. Save this amount every month and you will be glad you did it.

Shop early

Some people start shopping for Christmas early in order to avoid the Xmas rush which makes prices hit the roof. When you shop early you avoid impulse buying which comes with a price of overspending. You will be more sober with your Christmas shopping if you shop early saving greatly and also avoid the overcrowded stores and supermarkets during the rush. You will have enough time to buy what you may have forgotten and enjoy a hassle-free Xmas with your family and friends. 

Christmas Cards

Immediately after Christmas there are many suppliers who sell Christmas cards at a throw away price. You can buy these cards and store them for next Christmas. The cards can also be bought at a discount when you purchase them in bulk. You will save a lot of money when you buy Christmas cards online at a discount.

Personalized Greeting Cards are very popular.

Download photographs and personalize the greetings, add a poem or prayer and the recipient will appreciate the effort. He/she will feel loved and that is the message you want to convey. The e-cards are free and you can send them to distant friends and relatives by email, saving you postage charges. You can personalize the greetings and add your own designs including the recipient’s name. 


You may shop for Christmas gifts early and save money. Some people shop as early as after the previous Xmas when many stores have clearance sales.  Most of these items are durable and will make great Xmas presents. These include recipes, jewelry and ornaments, books, handicrafts, quilts, sweaters, candles, candle-holders, blankets, accessories and homemade gifts. 

Every time you go shopping within the year look for items which you can send family and friends next Christmas. The presents do not have to be expensive after all it is the thought that matters. When you send a gift however simple, it conveys the message that the recipient is in your thoughts and heart and he/she will appreciate it. Give your spouse and children gifts of things they need which they will spend money on, anyway.  


There are many fancy decorations which draw a lot of money out of the pocket. You can store decorations from previous Christmas or make homemade ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.


Homemade foods are less expensive than fast foods or eating out. Buy groceries when there are store sales and cut-out coupons to use when shopping. Look for the best deals and special offers. You can use the store’s recipes and buy cheap store brands on sale. Some families share meals and each member of the family contributes by preparing a dish and bringing it along. This relieves the host of extra work and makes the hosting family enjoy Christmas too. This saves money when the burden is shared especially when hosting a large family.


You can take your kids for a ride to town to see Christmas lights or stay indoors to watch a movie which you can download. Play games, share jokes, read a Christmas story, bake cookies, decorate the tree together or just catch-up with each other. This is the cheapest way to entertain those who matter most in your life.

Wrapping paper

Buy wrapping paper from wholesale shops at cheaper prices. Re-use what you have by using the opposite side. You can use magazines, newspapers, brown paper and wall paper and this will be cheap or even free.

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